Sponsor a bench today!

Below is our order form to be used by anyone who would like a bench of their own. In it you can find details about how you can add to our engraving design. Please fill this out and email it to us at: 

We originally thought it would be easy to place our benches anywhere once we got the funds, but if you want a bench placed in a park, it must go through an approval process involving multiple people in charge of that park.
Now that we have some attention in Palm Beach County, we are confident we can achieve approval of our benches.
However, we can’t guarantee that it will end up in the specific place that you want.

If we are not able to get the location approved, we can always place it in the next site that we get approval for. Such as a local school. Another option would be to have the bench delivered to your property, where you can place it indoors or outdoors, with free installation (as long as it is in palm beach county).

We appreciate your patience as we work hard to achieve approval of more bench locations.

Our generous supporters who choose to sponsor a bench will be emailed with a link showing them their location on our wait list for bench location approval. If you want to have your bench delivered and installed on your own property, then there is no wait list!

We are currently creating a new order form that is easier to use and will include some additional options. Please email us at if you would like to request a form in the meantime. Thank you for your patience.