Suicide Prevention & Awareness


Josh’s Benches for Awareness Corporation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to raising awareness on mental health issues and promoting suitable resources to remove the negative stigma surrounding the receiving of help. We participate in assemblies and speaker events to try and spread valuable info that will hopefully one day be incorporated into student curriculum. The benches that we build and install serve as physical symbols that represent our talks, any local campaign or movement surrounding mental health, and are also safe places for students to refer to for help. The benches are bright yellow so that whoever notices them and reads them will know that they are not alone and that there is help out there for them.

After Josh passed away, his mother Cindy formed this as a project for herself to make sure no one else would go through such a tragic loss. She knew that people who are struggling and feel suicidal could possibly be saved by just simply making sure that they are aware that they have access to the right help. From the help of his best friend Victor, this project is now organized and ready to help an entire nation of people struggling with mental health issues.

We use all our funding to further grow our project to be incorporated into schools and organizations across the country. We aim to help connect anyone in need to the appropriate help service that is available to them.

A person will take their own life almost every 40 seconds. Depression and anxiety have become an epidemic in our country. Too many young people are hurting and don’t know who to turn to for help. By donating to Josh’s Benches you can help us save the lives of people who are feeling hopeless, lost, worthless, and unfortunately, suicidal.

Our vision for Josh’s Benches for Awareness is to work alongside schools and other organizations nationwide to help those with internal struggles receive the help they need. To help end the epidemic that has been created from depression and anxiety. Also, to leave a legacy of helping others feel better, in the name of Joshua Nadelbach.


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