After months of organizing, making phone calls, and fundraising, we have finally achieved authorization to install our very first bench! This one is very special to us because it is the same park that Josh used to go to as a kid. It is placed in his hometown, and will forever hold his memory while representing the movement that we are creating. To put an end to the negative stigma surrounding mental health issues, and to bring awareness to a cause that we can all agree with.

We are very thankful for all of those who donated even a little bit, because we turned all of that into something positive that our community needs.

This is only the beginning.

Josh’s Benches for Awareness Corporation will move forward with our efforts to place benches in schools and public parks. First, Palm Beach County. Next, Florida.

We believe that many of the mental health issues that we deal with today can be addressed from even an early age. It is very important that even at a young age we teach children to have a plan about their feelings and emotional wellness.

Thank you for all of those who joined us on this special day. We will continue our work to raise awareness on this epidemic, and we will do everything possible to connect those who may be struggling or in a crisis with important resources.

Thanks to:

Mayor of The Village of Wellington | Anne Gerwig

Wellington Commissioner | Melissa McKinlay

Wellington Councilman | John T. McGovern

Wellington Assistant Village Manager | Jim Barnes

Wellington Chief of Staff | Kelley Burke

Wellington Parks and Recreation | Joe Piconcelli

WPTV | Ashleigh Walter

Wellington Crier | Callie Sharkey

Starbucks Wellington, Forest Hill Blvd Manager | Cynthia